Mighty Love: God Among Us

If you’ve ever talked superheroes with me or read the bit about me on the Abstract website’s staff page, you know that my love of Iron Man is a deep one. I won’t include a long list of Iron Man paraphernalia that I own, but suffice it to say that it’s enough for me to qualify as dorky (and slightly fixated). As I mentioned two or three posts ago, it’s very profitable for me to love something. Stan Lee has a lot of my money.

As you can imagine, I was a little bummed when my favorite was not among the superheroes at church/the outreach on Sunday. But, hey, it’s okay. Tony Stark has a company to run and a world to save, you know? He just couldn’t make it, and I get that. Besides, we’ve hung out before, and I’m sure we will again.




carrie 47

carrie 46

He’s beautiful, isn’t he?

But it was nice to see all the superheroes that were there Sunday. They were very cool and looked oddly familiar. (On a side note, I asked Captain America for Iron Man’s phone number, and he wouldn’t give it to me. Seemed sort of rude of him.)

What makes superheroes so interesting? I’m sure comic book aficionados could write entire dissertations about that. There are many reasons we like them, one of which is that we like the idea that beings who walk and talk and act like us can be so extraordinary. (This would explain the fascination with heroes like Iron Man and Batman in particular as they weren’t born or endowed with powers but create and buy them as we would have to.)

It’s the same reason we pull for the underdogs and enjoy rags-to-riches stories (which is probably why every culture has at least one version of Cinderella.) It’s also the same reason that Christians are largely more comfortable talking about Jesus than the other two components of The Trinity. We like the idea that humans can be exceptional and that exceptional things/beings manifest themselves as humans.

I know I’m biased, but I find Jesus’s story so beautiful. That God, so gigantic and mighty, would choose to become one of His creations just to save that species will never cease to amaze me. That He would willingly choose to suffer the pains of stubbing His toe, being judged, temptation, growing up, being beaten, being heartbroken, and give up the kingdom and paradise He deserves just to show us how much He loves us will never stop leaving me in awe of Him.

Because I’m only worth it because He says so. By anyone else’s definition, I’m not, but I don’t care about anyone else’s definition. If the One who knows me better in every way than I know myself says that I’m amazing and loved and worth every drop of blood in His earthly body, I’m going to believe Him.

I believe I’m worthy because of Him for I know I’m nothing without Him.

Do you know what I’d be without Him? Dirt. Blowing away or stuck on the bottom or someone’s shoe. God breathed life into mankind, into all of us. Without Him, we’re nothing more than the ground we walk on.

Do you know what God would be without me? The exact same God He already is. Omnipotent, holy, loving, and fascinating. The beginning and end of absolutely everything.

My absence changes nothing. His absence changes everything.

Yeah, okay, that’s a big deal. It’s a lot to take in. Hearing that you’re unnecessary probably isn’t the nicest thing you’ll hear today.

But isn’t it flattering to know that while God would be just as well off without you, He wants your company anyway?

A very dear friend of mine once told me that he spent ten minutes one morning trying to remember if I wore glasses or not.

My response? “I’m just flattered you spent ten minutes thinking about me.”

And God, sitting on His glorious throne, thinks about us constantly. He watches out for us and speaks to us. When we’re out dabbling in sin, running amok, failing and falling, He looks at us with pure love even if He doesn’t like what He sees.

The size and abilities of God are intimidating. They leave us speechless (as they should) and so terrified that we’re sometimes reluctant to pursue Him.

If you ever met my dad, you know he was a sweet man. If you were a member of his family, you also know he could be sort of scary. Showing him a bad grade or facing him after doing something I shouldn’t have was a nightmare. The boom of his loud, deep voice and the glint of frustration in his green eyes. It made me want to crawl under a rock and die.

That being said, my dad was also very loving. He made me laugh and smile. He gave superb hugs. And he would’ve given me the whole world on a silver platter if he could’ve.

God’s the same way. He’s powerful, and we often don’t want to face Him when we’ve done wrong, but he loves us and longs to show us just how much He does.

If you ever doubt it, read your Bible. I recommend Romans 5:8, Matthew 6:25-33, Psalm 8, and John 17. There are many other scriptures that illustrate the undying love God has for us, but these are some of my favorites. You’ll find your own favorites the more you read.

Then you’ll find reminders all around you, like flowers, the smell of food, a certain song, that necklace with the cross on it that you wear sometimes. All gifts or symbols, reminders that God loves you even if you forget it or don’t fully understand it. Because just as we can never change Him, we can never change His love for us.

By Carrie Prevette

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