The Woman at the Well

It’s hard being a woman. Women are expected to be and do everything with little to no reward or recognition. Take the workplace for example. Women earn $0.79 for every dollar a man makes (some stats show $0.77, but from what I’ve read, $0.79 is more accurate on average. Also, women of color typically earn… Continue Reading →

The Fourth Commandment

I love not having anything to do on Sundays. Resting on the Sabbath is no problem for me. I ordinarily just go to church, eat, sleep, and watch T.V. For what it’s worth, I’m a fairly lazy person, so this isn’t hard for me. If you’re an active person, resting on Sunday may not come… Continue Reading →

The Tenth Commandment

“You must not covet your neighbor’s house. You must not covet your neighbor’s wife, male or female servant, ox or donkey, or anything else that belongs to your neighbor” (Exodus 20:17, NLT). This is the tenth and final commandment, and it’s difficult to keep. The old adage goes, “The heart wants what the heart wants,”… Continue Reading →

The Sixth and Seventh Commandments

“You must not murder” (Exodus 20:13, NLT). Pretty straightforward. Even if I wanted to add to it, I couldn’t. I’ll explain in case anyone reading this is on the fense about becoming an axe murderer or something of the sort. The greatest gift God gives us other than salvation to save our souls is life… Continue Reading →

Great Risk

I had a writing professor who told my class that when she started getting rejection letters from publishing companies for her writing, she used the letters to decorate her bathroom walls. Because being rejected isn’t fun. Being vulnerable isn’t fun. Being vulnerable is a part of being a writer. We spend time with the words… Continue Reading →

Let the Story Unfold

I originally wasn’t even going to apply to Western Carolina; I’d barely even heard of it at the time. Then they sent me an application in the mail. I filled it out because I thought it’d be a good back-up school. I ranked it fourth out of the five schools I applied to. I was… Continue Reading →

Letting Go

Everyone should read The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien. If you’re at all interested in war or peace, truth or fiction, or really just in a human’s humanity, I strongly encourage you to read this book. The Things They Carried shows the physical, mental, and emotional weight and items that the soldiers carried. Some… Continue Reading →

Call in the Guards

Sunday’s great speaker, Dave, is not the first person to be surprised that I know who “Pistol” Pete Maravich was. I’m also fairly certain that he won’t be the last. I do want to say, to Dave’s credit, that he was surprised I know who Pistol Pete was because I’m young, which is completely understandable…. Continue Reading →

Advent with Abstract: Hope

I imagine her sitting and praying quietly, her hands folded together in her lap. I imagine her thanking God for the day and for all of her days. I imagine her praying for those in the Temple and the community. Her stomach growls, but she ignores it. It comes with the territory of fasting. Done… Continue Reading →

A Torn Veil

I’ve talked about my dad on this blog a few times, and now I’m going to talk a little bit about my mom. Many of you have met my mom, so you know this firsthand: my mom is the sweetest woman on this planet. (She’s the woman who buys Alan orange juice regularly.) She is… Continue Reading →

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